The bay tree is native to the Asia Minor region of the Middle East, from there it spread to the Mediterranean as well as other countries with similar climates. The tree was then discovered by the Ancient Greeks over 3,000 years ago and was brought back to Greece and Rome for cultivation. From there emperors, and poets would wear wreaths made of bay leaves. Since 776 BC bay leaves have been made into garlands and awarded to the winning athletes at the Olympic games. This is a tradition that has since carried on with Grand Prix winners being awarded similar wreaths. A common belief of the bay leaf was that it was able to provide safety to the individuals who wore it from the gods of thunder and lightning.

Many also believe that the bay leaf is able to attract money, abundance and prosperity. All you have to do is write your wishes and desires directly on the leaf and then whilst holding the leaf begin to channel your wishes into the leaf. You then keep the bay leaf in your wallet or purse and carry it with you.

Bay trees come in all shapes and sizes, they can be a little pricey so it’s best that you look around and compare prices before buying. They tend to do best in pots and require a little work. You want to make sure you water during the summer months, trim off any growth sprouting from the base and keep in trim regularly of the shape you have brought, normally in balls. The leaves are perfect in soups, stews, and cottage pies etc.

This week Gill has included her dried bay leaves method for you all to try, a very simple method you will wonder why you haven’t done this before and homegrown taste so much better than the brought ones!

Dried Bay leaves

  • All you need to do is cut some leaves off and thread them on a piece of garden twine or cotton and hang them up in your kitchen for a few weeks to dry.
  • Once dry pop them in an old jam jar and pop the lid on and date.
  • These will keep for 18 months in a dry dark cupboard. Keeping them in a cupboard will keep the flavour better and longer life.

We hope you have learned something new today and for those of you who try out any of the recipes be sure to tag @GrimscoteManor in photos of your delicious food. We’d love to see them!