the staff at grimscote manor hotel

The latest lockdown announcement (1/11/20)

To all past, present, future bookings at Grimscote Manor it saddens us that from 5th November we close our doors for general public for a 1-month

period (2nd December) unless guidelines change further, to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

As lockdown 1 we continue to be proactive to the outbreak of Covid-19, to protect the well-being and “’duty of care’ for our staff, customers and anyone else who visits the hotel. This means we must do all we possibly can to support their health, safety, and wellbeing.

For all previous postponements for 2020 that haven’t rebooked a date but have paid a deposit we will continue the bookings through to next year. For all deposits paid for the month of November these will be transferred until the new year.

For anyone on our Wreath making event, we are looking into moving the date to Friday 4th December 2020. If during lockdown 2 prolongs further than the initial 4 weeks as predicted then we will arrange an online link beforehand, and you will be receiving a box of all the goodies required to create your own wreaths.

For all December bookings we are planning on opening on the 2nd December 2020, however if the guidelines change, we will contact you as soon as possible to update you further. For all breakfast with Santa bookings we are hoping to continue the magic for our little ones that have gone through so much this year. If the guidelines change, we hope to give another date as an option, and we will continue to communicate along the journey we are all about to take with lockdown 2.

As a small family run business, we take our procedures and policies serious, with the thoughts of our team, customers and visitors being top of our list. We would like to gain some form of confidence to our hard-working dedicated team who we are endeavouring to keep all members in some form of long-term employment.

Key worker Support

We continue to support and provide facilities for our key workers for the duration of lockdown 2 following all government guidelines.

On booking evidence will be asked to be forwarded from your employer that you are a key and essential worker which will be filed and stored for 21 days.

Masks still to be worn from our team and key workers

Dinner is available, by room service, which instructions on ordering will be given on the procedure of delivery on arrival and check in
Grab and Go breakfast is available, to be pre-ordered the evening before

All public areas are closed for public use

We have continued all our other procedures as before lockdown please see below for further details.

Anyone with any queries please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. In the meantime, thank you for all your continued support and please take care and we look forward to welcoming you back very soon to Grimscote Manor.

As of Thursday 24th September 2020

  • All our team now are wearing masks around the hotel and through food service. We have fabric masks and visors depending on the preference of each member of our team and what they feel more comfortable wearing
  • Any guest or visitor to Grimscote Manor are required to wear face coverings in all public areas. When attending the dining rooms masks are not required when sat at a designated table however the journey to and from the dining room masks will be required.
  • Our bar, and restaurant will all be closed by 10.00 pm, last orders at the bar will start at 9.30 pm.
  • We will continue to carry out Table service only for bar drinks
  • At Reception, you will be directed to download the “NHS test & Trace” app to record your visit and this will need to be completed each time you visit us. (Hospitality venues must refuse entry to a customer or visitor who does not provide their name and contact details, is not in a group (for which one other member has provided name and contact details), or who has not scanned the NHS QR code.)
  • We will continue to collect our own track and trace data. By doing this we will be able to contact any affected guests and team members as quickly as possible in the event of a Covid outbreak. If you are visiting us please expect to fill in one of our forms, but please be reassured your data will not be used for any other purposes and will be disposed of after 30 days of your visit.


    According to the General Register Office they have clarified the maximum number of 15 includes all those attending, including the couple, witnesses, and guests. However, anyone working, for example, registrars, photographers, security, staff employed by the venue, third-party suppliers, or catering staff are not included. Therefore, this actually means 13 guests, plus the bride and groom provided the ceremony room is large enough to accommodate this number safely.
  •  as a hotel, we have several areas that can accommodate social distancing according to government guidelines. We have the opportunity for extra guests up to a confirmed and agreed number that we can live stream your ceremony and you can have a copy.
  • All weddings are to have a sit-down meal in family household bubbles of no bigger than 6 at present as a table any one time. This is all to be agreed and received 7 days before
  • All designated seating areas e.g. for ceremonies or wedding breakfast, we will provide name cards, table plan, and seating plans for all to see, in the household bubbles of no more than 6 peopleFunctions/celebration of life/ weddings
    At Grimscote Manor we are very lucky to be able to still support family gatherings and celebrations, the way we have adapted our procedures to make them safe for you are as follows:-
  • Instead of any block tables, we will be asking for you as a booker to provide a table plan of tables according to household groups no more than 6.
  • All our public and function areas are controlled with new deep cleaning procedures and all touchpoints sanitised regularly.
  • We will continue to carry out table service only throughout, we ask that all guests stay seated where possible and that they are not allowed to move around tables.
  • Each function suite has its own set of toilets available that are cleaned regularly
  • On all guest’s arrival on the day, a member of our senior management will take a couple of minutes to make a Grimscote Manor COVID safe statement of our policies and procedures that we require you to carry out through your visit to us.
  • All buffet food will be served behind sneeze screens and served to each guest individually
  • A table will be taken up to the buffet one at a time by management

(Celebration of life up to 30 guests)

“As a Hospitality venue we must also refuse entry to those who refuse to participate, and if continue to deny all procedures throughout the hotel then we will, unfortunately, ask you to leave.”

With current guidelines changing and adapted to the new “rule of six” put into place from the 14th September 2020 we would like to explain how we can still accommodate your celebration with precaution in place.

  • If you had a block table booked, we are now asking that you re-organise tables into bubbles of maximum 6 guests. All original private function booking details will be the same we have just adapted our floor plan accordingly.
  • All table bubbles will be placed 2 metres apart
  • Each table will have their own place cards on with the correct bubble details. We will also provide a table plan by the entrance to the function suite to organise your party on arrival.
  • We will continue to operate table service only for refreshments
  • Each function suite has their own set of toilets which are on a cleaning rota
  • Arrival times between functions will be staggered as and when necessary
  • As we welcome our guests, we ask that you adhere and respect all covid procedures put into place to adhere to government guidelines. Our main priority is to keep you and our team safe.

Our Promise to you

At Grimscote Manor we have been proactive to the outbreak of Covid-19, to protect the well being and “’duty of care’ for our staff, customers, and anyone else who visits the hotel. This means we must do all we possibly can to support their health, safety, and wellbeing. Ahead of opening, we have reviewed all cleaning procedures and protocols across all areas of our Hotel. Here are some of the new measures we will be adopting to keep our guests safe. Check out our Covid Certificate Here

Our responsibility
It is our responsibility to ensure that social distancing is adhered to. Grimscote Manor Hotel will follow government guidelines regarding social distancing.
We have put a number of measures in place to aid social distancing. These include:
· Reducing numbers of staff on-site at any one time
· Rearranging seating areas to adhere to the social distancing measures
· Implementation of a one-way walk system in reception
· Where possible one member of staff in each department at any one time
· All members of our team to stay in their designated areas only

There are a small number of tasks that have been identified where it is not possible for staff to maintain social distancing. Where this is the case, the task has been risk assessed and specific PPE have been put in place. Any staff undertaking such a role will be briefed prior to undertaking the work.

• We have provided Wall mounted Hand sanitiser that has been installed by all entrances, reception, function suite doors, lift, and each floor of accommodation. All antibacterial soap, in staff areas have been dated on opening so the correct procedures can be monitored.
• All public areas have had a new cleaning schedule put into place of a 2 hourly cleaning process for all high touch areas using effective cleaning products, starting from 6.30am to refresh all corridors and banisters before guests depart
• We have disinfectant Mats outside the main entrances into the hotel, which are filled and cleaned daily
• We have adopted new measures to ensure the safe handling of items within our hotel, to keep our team and guests safe.
• As well as thorough cleaning from our housekeeping team, guests are encouraged to use the alcohol gel, antibacterial soap provided.
• Risk assessments have been conducted to ensure the correct control measures, including PPE have been considered. Face coverings are available to all team members.
• To protect all at reception we have purchased a Perspex screen

Guest Bedrooms
We have reviewed our already thorough cleaning procedures, so our guests can relax and enjoy a great nights’ sleep, in a safe room.
• We have removed all reusable items from our rooms, including cushions, bed runners, and printed paper information sheets.
• Where possible, the allocation of rooms will be rotated to provide a ‘rest period’ before new guests arrive.
• All rooms will be deep cleaned on check out
• We have labels for the TV remote’s and phones after sanitation
• All bathroom amenities wrapped in paper have been removed
• Tea, coffee facilities have been placed in a sanitised sealed container, and closed and sealed with a Tamper Evident Security Stickers, Solitary Walker Safety Prevent Opened Warranty Void Labels.

Breakfast and Dining
• We have adapted our breakfast food offering, by removing of all buffets and open food items. The same variety is still on offer; we will take your order and bring it to you.
• Printed dinner menus have been replaced with new disposable menus and a reduced choice which will be changed daily.
• We have taken the necessary steps to space our seating in accordance with social distancing measures. Socially distanced, yet hospitable.
• On pleasant evenings, the option to eat outside still adhering to government guidelines will be available.
• Room service is available in preference, which instructions on ordering will be given on the procedure of delivery
• Grab and Go breakfast is available if preferred, to be preorder the evening before
• Social distancing across all of our meeting and event space with new measured capacities.
• All our public and function areas are controlled with new deep cleaning procedures and all touch points sanitised regularly.
• Bespoke food and beverage options are available for successful socially distanced events and private functions
• The host of the function or table will have full responsibility to provide all contact details of all the guests within their party adhering to government guidelines on track and trace. On receipt, we will sign for and give you the option after 21 days if you would like us to shred or pick up. On pickup, this will be signed for again by both parties.
Our Team
• For our team, we have provided their own wash bag, which holds a mask per person (all made out of different materials) a set of gloves, housekeeping to have arm coverings and extra PPE. This on collection and disposal will be signed for by each member of our team and witness by management at the start and end of each shift.
• Specially allocated wash bins have been provided for staff’s used PPE which will be boiled washed every evening
• All Members of staff have carried out the “Corona Virus Taking proactive action” online course
• All staff are returning back to work with a full retraining programme, that is set out for personal hygiene and all cleaning regimes have been re-enforced and adapted to meet the government’s new guidelines.
• All our team have received and understood our Covid-19 back to work booklets which explain symptoms of covid 19 to help identify who may be feeling ill, or are displaying symptoms before their shift starts.  If anyone in each individuals household are showing symptoms of covid-19 then management have to be informed by phone as soon as possible, and then to self isolate for the next 14 days.
• Masks, gloves, aprons, arm protective sleeves, tabards, all of which are given out by management for each member according to the departments they work in.

All PPE including wash bags are fully machine washable and therefore are freshly
Sanitised after each shift
· Reusable
· Machine wash at 40degrees
· Tumble dry
We are looking forward to welcoming you, our guest’s back, to make new memorable moments for you to all cherish. We are confident that we have taken the necessary steps to keep our guests and teams safe.
We’d ask all our guests to respect the measures we have put in place and to adhere to them to keep everyone safe.
If you are traveling or visiting Grimscote Manor, and you or a household family member have any of the Covid-19 symptoms, then please we ask to rearrange your travel plans and don’t visit us on this occasion.

Thank you again

The Team at Grimscote Manor Hotel